Designing Facilities That Help Cities Fight Fires

Designing Facilities That Help Cities Fight Fires

Let a professional build a safe, secure dispatch location for your town

If you've been tasked with building a new fire department in your city or town, you want to make sure you get it right. The interior facilities for the firefighters are just as essential as the outer spaces, so you'll want to focus on the building as a whole. JonScoT General Contractors, LLC is ready for this unique challenge. We've built several other fire departments, so our staff is ready to take on your project, too.

Hire our experienced team to build your fire department now.

Design a space that will save lives

When you build a fire department, there are specific needs to consider that aren't relevant for other types of structures. The most important of these needs is the location. A fire department must be located where it can reach the most people quickly. Our construction team can help you analyze the historical and other relevant data and position your building where it will be most effective.

Let's build your new fire department together. Reach out to our crew now to get started on construction.